Re: Why file content sniffing sucks

Fabio Gomes wrote:
<snip: problem with nautilus not letting a file with html tagg be opened in a text editor>

And you? Do you USER have an opinion about this subject?

And you, developer? Any toughts?

Maintainers? Convinced?
May be I am missing the bigger picture over here, but a simple solution to this would be to include text editors like gedit,gvim and emacs in the list of apps that can open html/xml files. Its not a terribly persnolized solution, cause I know more than one professional web content designer who prefers to use editors like gvim for editing html files. I mean c'mon, one of the most advertised features of formats like html and perticularly xml was that its human readable and that you can use any text editor to modify the files :)

Hope this helps

[1] xfe = X File Explorer,

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