Re: Suggestion for file type detection approach

Em Qui, 2003-12-25 ās 21:58, Adam Williams escreveu:

> Why not support recording the mime-type of a file as meta-data (EA) on
> filesystems that support it (every one of them at this point?).  It
> would take awhile to be adopted by most/all GNOME apps but seems (IMHO)
> to clearly be the right way to do it.   If GNOME VFS supported it then
> it seems it would be easy to implement for alot of applications.

I agree with you, but while we must provide a quick solution, EA (and
the attributes themselves) must be standardized cross-unix and
cross-desktop. This will take some time to mature, since the mechanisms
for sending files through the Internet (between computers, in general)
must mature to support EA. I never used Apple operating systems, but it
looks like they have such a mechanism. Nothing that a tar with EA
support could not do. 

GNOME must provide room today to support state-of-the-art technologies
in the future, but must at the same time provide solutions to today's
users using today's technologies.

> File extenstions are just DUMB and EASILY broken.  Sniffing is expensive
> and unreliable.

Indeed, but it's all we have for now. Now = 2.6.

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