Re: Suggestion for file type detection approach

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> OK, here my proposal:
> We could do two runs. In the first run, we simply don't sniff at all and
> show the files ("Unknown Type"). While it is shown, we could start a
> second run that checks for the MIME type (either by content or by
> extension, is it worth a GConf pref?) and determine the actual file
> type.

Why not sniff file suffix (FORCE_FAST_MIME_TYPE) in the first run?
Providing the user with a list of unknown files is useless. 

Also, what to do if the type of a file as detected in the second run is
different from the first? 

- Forget about the new type? Forget abot the old one? 
- Show some emblem? If so, which icon should be used? The old one or the
- What to do to open the file? Hmm.

If the stuff is going to be optional, I guess we will need a GUI such

Determine file types by:
	( ) Content
	( ) Suffix
	( ) Both, but content takes precendece
	( ) Both, but suffix takes precedence

Note: ( ) = Radio button

This can be a nautilus option or a global gnome-vfs option. Long life to

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