Re: Suggestion for file type detection approach

Olaf Fra;czyk wrote:

File sniffing does not guarantee it either. Users expect, that the
action (which application is to be run) is determined by file

If you're born in a windows world, yes. I've never expected a file extension to define a file type. I refer again to your typical system directories: /bin /usr/bin /sbin ...

The mime-type idea is a terrible thing for a normal user.
They simply don't understand it.

Stupid users does not make a solution incorrect. That's based on your definition of a normal user, which apparently excludes most knowledgable users.

I am all for nautilus using the extension when available and
sniffing when appropriate (a file missing a suffix or when
requested by the user)

File sniffing is at least attempting to apply some logical effort
to file determination.

But impractical because of slowness. And not ease to understand for users.

Based on your definition of 'users.' I'd prefer to give up the time for an accurate file identification. Change the name of a file and you've got the wrong identification.

The ideal would be ti switch to recognizing file type by it's
extension but if one extension is used for different mime types, then
 in such case nautilus should detect mime type from file content.
This should be controlled by user - eg. if user wants to associate an
extension with another application, he would get dialog box with question if previous association is to be dropped or if the mime type
 for this extension should be detected by file content.

I don't believe one solution or the other will please a majority of users. Relying on file extension has gotten windows into a lot of trouble. I prefer both solutions be offered and then let the user choose, speed and insecurity or accuracy and security..

Until later, Geoffrey	esoteric 3times25 net

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