Some installation problems with gnome 2.2

Hi -

I wasn't able to install some packages (gdm, libxml, control-center, gnome-panel and the rest I forgot) because in all cases libtool could not --link a library with the name ''. After being confused for a while I got the idea that this was happening because I installed in a folder with a whitespace in its name 'GNOME 2.2'. And so it was. After moving the folder to 'GNOME2.2', it worked. I am not shure if the problem is related to the gnome packages, libtool or the autoconf system but since only some packages made this trouble I believe that the problem is the result of missing quotes or such in the configuration files of these gnome packages. Please respect unix standards and consider paths not being always like on your harddisks.

By the way, some packages seem to be tar'ed badly. I get chmod related error messages.


Dennis Heuer

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