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just too throw some more money into the pot ...

--- Biswapesh Chattopadhyay
<biswapesh_chatterjee tcscal co in> wrote:
> I'd like to add my 2c here as the maintainer of 1.x
> version of Anjuta.

> However, while IDEs are useful, the need of the hour
> IMHO is more
> documentation of GNOME APIs with examples,
> templates, samples, pointers
> to real-life code usage, etc. We are way behind QT,
> MFC, Java and most
> other GUI frameworks in this respect. Even the GTK+
> documentation is
> very sketchy, and the tutorial is very incomplete.
> contains very few
> tutorials and manuals for
> other GNOME technologies such as bonobo(ui), etc.
> When asked, people on
> MLs point out that the documentation that exist, but
> it is easy to see
> that they are totally insufficient quality and
> quantity wise.

> Thirdly, though lots of cool technology is
> available, they are not very
> well integrated. For example, gal has some really
> cool widgets but it's
> practically impossible to use since there are no
> samples, no docs and no
> tutorial available. There is no tutorial on how to
> develop simple
> database apps quickly using glade + libglade +
> gnome-db. There is no
> proper documentation on the bonoboui (esp. the ui
> file format), which is
> really sad since it is pretty powerful stuff.
> Currently, the best (only ?) way to develop GNOME
> apps is to go through
> the code of other GNOME apps and copy the relevant
> bits. But this
> practice is simply not practical for RAD and
> newbies. IDEs can provide
> wizards, templates, etc. but they only go a small
> way without proper
> code guidance, docs, et al.
> So, to conclude, IMO, docs / examples / turorials /
> standardization /
> consolidation is the need of the hour, not IDEs.
> Rgds,
> Biswa.

i have to agree with Biswa on this. Could there
possibly be a Documentation day like the bug sqash day
on thursdays.  I know from personal experiance that
one day a week is usually more than enough to get
documentation complete. I usually do it on friday
because it gauruntees i don't go home for the weekend
stressed from  debugging all day ;)

Charles W. Lambert
email: cwlambert76 yahoo com

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