RE: Developing and Testing panel applets

Hi all

Just today I made gswitchit applet back into the standalone application.
And then I looked at gnome-system-monitor. AFAIU this tool shows the
segments for applications. The things I see - well, probably they are
expected system-level developers - but for me they are new and
interesting. Probably, I misinterpret things - I would be delighted if
anyone point me out.

First of all, each shared library having some data segments within the
application has separate VM pages for them (do I get it right?). My
gswitchit uses >50 shared libraries having data segments (most of them
are only 1 page long - but not all). So at least 50 pages for the data
of the shared libraries are allocated. Which is 4K*50 = 200K (it seems,
in reality this number is much higher). This is not including the data
allocated in the application itself (which is constant for shlib and
app-based applets).

So, even having agreed with overall Michael's comments, I still assume
that price of the application's stability is the resource consumption
which cannot be simply ignored in all the cases.



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