Re: GNOME 2 applet example?

Dixit Keith Sharp (2003-07-06 11:41):
> > If someone could write and publish a complete example of an
> > autoconfiscated GNOME 2 applet squeleton, that would be very useful.
> Try:

This library seems interesting, but its documentation is also incomplete
and the two examples I found did not use Automake.  I'll remember to
try it again, however.

Dixit Philip Van Hoof (2003-07-05 14:27):
> You might wan't to check the gnome-applets module in CVS or my gcmapplet
> ( which are samples written in C using the API
> directly.

I've been making some progress, but it seems like I have to give
the command 'killall gnome-panel' for a new applet to appear in the
"Add to Panel" submenus.  Is this normal or is there a command
I can give (without being root) to force GNOME to reexamine the
available applets?

Thanks for the tips.

Pierre Sarrazin <sarrazip at sympatico . ca>

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