GNOME 2 skeleton applet now available

I have written a GNOME 2 skeleton applet in C.  The project uses
GNU Autoconf and Automake and it comes with an RPM file.
All the applet does is display a label that says "Hello, world."
The .server file is generated from substitution variables like
PACKAGE and libexecdir.  This project uses libpanelapplet directly.

The source tarball is here:
(59806 bytes; md5sum = 74061130e6b9d4b31b5da4081743bdb0)

The GNOME documentation maintainers are welcome to copy and modify
this skeleton and to use it in the official Panel Applet Writer's
Reference Manual, it they think it's useful.

Pierre Sarrazin <sarrazip at sympatico . ca>

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