Using GhostView as a Print Preview function

In a gnome application I am attempting to use GhostView as a Print Preview function for viewing a window containing graphics. To bring up GhostView when the Print Preview menu item is clicked, the program uses the statement:

system("gv -portrait -letter -scalebase 2");

The postscript file,, already exists. The problem is that the GhostView window does not appear unless the mouse cursor is moved across some part of the application window. If the cursor is not moved, the GhostView window never appears. Moving the mouse cursor outside the application window has no effect. Pressing the Enter button half a dozen times will also cause GhostView to appear. Typing the same command in a terminal window and pressing Enter brings up GhostView immediately. How can I cause GhostView to appear without the user having to move the mouse? There is an update command that would seem to do the job, but I believe it is a Tcl command. When I use it, I get an error message saying the update command doesn't exist. I am using RedHat 8.0.


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