Re: libwnck and large desktops

On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 01:22:55AM +0200, Kim Woelders wrote: 
> I really would like to see the GNOME desktop being able to
> work with enlightenment, so please consider these patches,
> which add support for large desktops to two libwnck versions:

Can you put the 2.2.1 one in bugzilla? Feature additions aren't
allowed in 0.18, so the 2.2.1 one is the important one.

> The patches are not perfect, but I think they do a fairly
> good job to begin with.

The patches look pretty close to right, thanks for doing this work.

Here are some quick nitpicks:

 - be sure to put a space before parens "foo (" not "foo("

 - should not name things wnck_viewport_get_x() but rather 
   wnck_workspace_get_viewport_x() or something like that, 
   if they are methods on the workspace

 - I wouldn't make wnck_screen_get_xyhint a public function, 
   I'd keep it in xprops.h with an underscore prepended
 - the values in the properties need to be sanity-checked, 
   in case someone decides it would be funny to specify 
   a -50x-150 viewport or something
 - the viewport properties should be read in an idle handler 
   when a PropertyNotify for them is received, like the other 
   stuff in screen.c

Thanks a lot, I was wondering when someone would write a patch for
this instead of just griping about it. ;-) 


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