Re: why does this widget that inherts from GtkRadioButton stay toggled?

Charles Lambert wrote:

i have created a widget that is just a radio button
that looks like a toggle button and packs an image
into it. but when i use it in application code it
always stays toggled in. and when i click it nothing
happens, it stays toggled in. Also when i add a
callback to the "toggled" signal for it, the callback
doesn't run. I don't know what to fix to make this
work. Any ideas?
A radio button acts as part of a group so that one item in the group is always selected. If you have a radio button group of size 1 (which seems to be what you have), then that button will always be selected, no matter how many times you click it.

Are you sure you don't want a GtkToggleButton or GtkCheckButton instead?


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