Re: Teaching application: need guidance

Franck Martin wrote:

I would like to develop a very simple application, but I'd like to get some pointers on how it should be done. I will do it with glade and anjuta.

The application is simple, when you click on an icon in a toolbar it will bring a transparent layer over the whole screen upon which you will be able to draw.

The purpose, you bring a spreadsheet on your screen, project your screen on the wall and then you can highlight some areas with your pen/mouse....

When you click on an icon then all the action on the screen are passed to the applications behind the layer...

How do you i do a transparent layer (style gnome canvas)?

X does not support transparent windows like you want, but there is a way you could possibly do this.

You would want to display a window covering the whole screen, and set its background pixmap to NULL. This tells the X server to not clear the background before asking the client to redraw itself. This way, the screen sized window will essentially get a snapshot of what was underneath. You can then draw on top of it.


Email: james daa com au

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