Re: dependency tree for gnome

Don Raikes wrote:

Hi all,
I am having a lot of trouble installing gnome either via garnome or jhbuild, so I thought I'd take a crack at building an installatin script of my own. Is there a published dependency tree for the gnome packages?

You can get jhbuild to generate a dependency graph for you. After downloading it and setting up a minimal ~/.jhbuildrc file (using one of the samples), run the following command:
   jhbuild dot [packages ...] >

(if you don't list any packages, it will compute dependencies for what would normally be built when you run "jhbuild build". Otherwise, it will only list the packages you specify and their dependencies).

This will generate a dot file that can be converted to postscript using GraphViz ( for viewing like so:
   dot -Tps >

Hope this helps,


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