Re: GtkLabel question

On Mon, May 19, 2003 at 11:41:24AM -0300, Lucas Di Pentima wrote: 
> I'm having some doubts about the GtkLabel widget: I'm using this widget
> to show changing information to the user, every time I need to change
> the information shown on the labels, I use the gtk_label_set_text()
> function passing a newly allocated string.
> The problem is that it seems that GtkLabel doesn't free() those strings
> when I assign a new one to them, so my program has many memory leaks, I
> checked it with Memprof.
> How is the best solution to this? GtkLabel doesn't provide a function to
> access directly to the pointer to free() it, and I don't think accessing
> directly to the structure is a good idea.

GTK never "adopts" a string you pass in; it makes a copy. You can 
free your string as soon as you've passed it in.


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