Re: refresh bug in the canvas

On Mon, 2003-05-19 at 15:01, Bruno Coudoin wrote:
> I am the author of gcompris and I suffer badly from a refresh bug in the
> canvas.
> I checked the CVS today and it's still there.
> The easiest way to show evidence of the bug is the fifteen game demo in
> libgnomecanvas/demos/canvas_demo the pieces are not refreshed after the
> move (you move the window out of the desktop area and bring it back and
> you see the moved items)
> We added a bunch of gnome_canvas_update in gcompris as a workaround and
> it's better now.
> I don't know if gcompris is the only app to suffer this but my users are
> disapointed :(
> Do you know if somebody familiar with the libgnomecanvas code is aware
> or working on this ? If not, where should I look ?

If you don't use the anti-aliased mode of the canvas you might want to
try out the foocanvas module. It has a simplified non-aa canvas that
performs better, redraws bettter and integrates better with gtk2.
Applications like nautilus and gnumeric use it.

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