Re: a wrapbox widget

> Le lun 26/05/2003 à 04:25, Charles Lambert a écrit :
> > I have created a wrapbox widget that could be part of
> > gtk+. There is also a test driver for it so you can
> > see how it works. I would like to know if there are
> > any key parts missing in order for it to be put in
> > gtk+. I also would like to know what steps i should
> > take to see about getting it put in gtk+.
> > 
> > the tar'd and gzip'd here:
> >
> > 
> > please excuse my choice of namespace.
> > Charles W. Lambert
> > email: cwlambert76 yahoo com

I believe that gtk developers already have scheduled
wrappable box widget for future release of gtk.
It's already done in GIMP 1.3 development release:

Well, how do you handled homogeneous property?


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