Re: Gnome widgets: Do they work well in non-Gnome environments?

Thanks for the answer.

Could you tell me why then there is a disctinction with GTK, GTK+ and Gnome widgets? Why not put everything in a single library? Is there a practical reason or only historic?

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Sean Middleditch wrote:
On Sun, 2003-11-09 at 09:29, Hans Deragon wrote:


Gnome newbie developer here. I am using Glade to write my application, and I notice that there are 3 main categories for widgets: GTK, GTK+ and Gnome. My goal is for my application to run smoothly under any environment, including non-gnome environments like KDE for instance.

Should I limit myself to GTK and GTK+ widgets only? For most people using KDE, do applications using Gnome widgets run well? Can I use Gnome widgets safely without the risk of locking my application out of many desktops? I assume that the answer is yes, but I would like a confirmation and some warning of some pitfalls, if there are any.

Widgets have nothing to do with the desktop you're running, so they'll
work fine.  GNOME widgets just require that you have the GNOME libraries
installed, is all.  KDE users might object to having to install those,
but then that's their own problem.  ;-)  Most Linux distros generally
come with both the KDE and GNOME libraries anyhow.

Hans Deragon

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