Re: GNOME core modules

On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 09:08, Jeffrey Bartlett wrote:
> I am interested in checking out the modules that are essential to the 
> GNOME core from CVS. Which modules do I need to checkout? For example, I 
> am not currently interested in gnumeric, gedit, gimp, etc. I'd like to 
> just get the modules that are part of the GNOME base. I would assume 
> this includes modules such as gnome and gnome-core among others.

You are going to have to do a bit of work for yourself here. There is
not really a concept of "core" as you are using it. The desktop release
includes all of the packages listed on this page

(although a couple of packages in the GNOME list are not GNOME packages
-- the X ones).

Since that list includes gedit, you are after something a bit less. Grab
the jhbuild module from CVS and look through the dependency list in the
modules files (e.g. gnom24.modules). That will give you an accurate list
of what depends on what else. So you can start trimming packages and, by
referring to that file, ensure that you have not removed something that
is required by another package you wish to keep.


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