custom key bindings


I'm thinking of building a gnome app and am first trying to figure out
if it's needed and can be done.  Within sawfish, the user can write
custom keyboard shortcuts to raise or lower specific windows, such as
raise an xterm window and the one picked is the most recently used
that's not on top.  I find this very useful as I don't like using the
mouse to do this type of stuff, it really slows down flipping through
windows.  The problem is sawfish2 doesn't really work with gnome2 and
I'd rather stick with the default, that is now metacity.

So I was wondering how hard it is to write a process independent of
gnome and metacity that captures special key strokes with xbindkeys
and talks to gnome, through corba, to raise and lower windows.  Making
sequences of key strokes to do some things that usually require the
mouse (raise, lower, iconify, kill, full screen, full width, ...)
would be nice.

Is this at all possible?  Are there standard interfaces to do this (I
don't know much about corba and how it's used in gnome)?  Will it just
screw up metacity or whatever is on top of gnome?  Or is this
something that is easily done in some other wm, like fvwm2?

If this should go to another mail list, pleast let me know.



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