Re: Hotkey for Window Menu and stuff for tabs

Em Sáb, 2003-11-29 às 12:45, Fabio Gomes escreveu:

> Later, we could start thinking about adding such a feature to every MDI
> application like x-chat, epiphany, gedit, etc. Imagine a button in the
> notebook widget that, when clicked, pops up a menu listing all the tabs.
> This button would have a standard shortcut key associated to it in every
> GNOME application. Hmm. I'm becoming very excited about this.

Thinking a bit more about this, I realized that this would improve a lot
the way we switch tabs using the keyboard. The current aproach
(Ctrl+PgUp/Ctrl+PgDn) requires that you visit each tab before reaching
your destination. This is painfully slow. In machines with little
memory, this usually involves swapping in and out a lot of data.

My idea for the MDI apps is to implement something functionally
equivalent to the "Windows" menu (in the menu bar) of Micros~1 MDI
applications, but more associated to the Notebook widget. Maybe inside
it. This would make the change transparent to most apps.

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