Re: Developing with Gnomecanvas2 + TT question

The fonts are much better looking now thanks to Pango.
You can now create a text using this in your gnome-canvas-item creation:
gnome_canvas_item_new (parent,
                       text, "Hi",
                       gnome_canvas_text_get_type (),"font", "Sans 20",

Unfortunatly, fonts still do not follow the pixels_per_unit value.


Le mer 01/10/2003 à 11:45, Rafael Laboissiere a écrit :
> Dear gnome-developers,
> Some years ago, I wrote a gnome driver for the PLplot library
> ( based on the GnomeCanvas.  Now that libgnomecanvas-2
> has been released, I plan to resume my previous work and port my code to the
> newest version of the library.
> I have looked for tutorials on using libgnomecanvas-2, but I found only
> tutorials for version 1.  Are such tutorials available?  Examples of code in
> projects using libgnomecanvas-2 could also help me.
> I have another question: does libgnomecanvas-2 work with scalable truetype
> fonts?  I mean, is there a way to draw text on the Canvas such that it is
> automatically scaled when gnome_canvas_set_pixels_per_unit is called?
> Thanks in advance for your feedback (please Cc: your replies to me, since I
> am not subscribed to gnome-devel-list). 
> Cheers,

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