Funy focus behavior with OOo-1.1

Dear friends,

Since I installed 1.1, I have noticed an annoying window focus bug, but I don't know where it is: OOo, Metacity or the Task List.

Since OOo 1.1, some floating thingies like the Stylist in Writer or the Cell Styles in Calc became true dialogs, like in Gimp.

The problem is when I switch tasks through the Window List applet in GNOME panel. If I switch to another application and return to OOo, the focus goes to Stylist (the dialog) instead of the main app. In fact, the main window gets focused first, but the stylist quickly gets the focus right after.

When I switch the apps through Alt+Tab, there is no problem, because there are icons for both the main window and the Stylist in the alt-tab cycle.

Could you please help me identify where the bug is so I can report it in the right place?

Thanks you in advance,

Fabio Gomes
fabio gs2 com br


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