Re: Contributing to GNOME

> 	However, my knowledge is a bit outdated. My latest programming 
> experience with GNOME and GTK was in 1.4 days. Also, I have little or no 
> experience with collaborative programming through patches and CVS in 
> free software. I don't know, for example, how do I generate and send 
> patches. Which version should I send patches for? Who/where should I 
> send patches to? <-- Really great reading
about how to use cvs and how to make patches. Also look at the
references at the end of it.

There is also but that
may be a bit too simple.

> 	I am currently using GNOME 2.4 built from tarballs using CVSGnome. The 
> sources of each package are untouched in my hard disk. Should I start 
> working on these?

If you want to hack on nautilus you will probably need to be running
HEAD. Bugfixes on the stable branch are always useful but all the new
code will be going on HEAD.

I'd suggest you wait for the 2.5.0 release and then try to get that

> 	Right now, I'm downloading lots of documentation/reference and looking 
> at nautilus source.

That's probably a good idea :)

Mark Finlay 
Computer Science Student

E-Mail:	sisob_AT_tuxfamily_DOT_org
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