Re: 2.4 font problems...

I sent this earlier to the gnome-list, but someone mentioned it will be better
received here.

Something else that I noticed is that if I log in with a failsafe term, I can
strace the gnome-settings-daemon. Something I found interesting is that it
never looked to the <dir>/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1</dir> (as spec'ed in
/etc/fonts/fonts.conf). It only goes to /root/.gnome2/share/fonts. I then
decided to try to put the fonts in the above dir into my $USER font dir, and
it still did not find them.

Something else weird was that if I started metacity, gnome-panel, and nautilus
from the failsafe xterm I had my fonts. They went away when I started the
settings daemon. When I killed the daemon, they came back. :o

I am assuming this is some sort of build error. All build logs can be found at:

Any advice or information would be greatly helpful and appreciated!


On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 03:34:56PM -0700, Greg Kurtzer told me:
> I just built gnome2.4 from source into RPMS, and I am having a problem that I
> can't track down.
> I was able to get it going, but my control-panel RPM was missing several libs
> (/usr/lib/bonobo and /usr/lib/window-manager). Once I repackaged this, and
> installed it I seemed to have lost the default fonts! Literally, the fonts
> are gone or are so small they appear to be only pixels. Chances are that these
> were not working before, but when the control-panel started working it loaded
> fonts that for some reason were not happy.
> Without fonts I pull up gnome-font-properties and it seems that the only fonts 
> that are working are:
>    console
>    fangsong ti
>    fixed
>    LucidaTyperwriter
>    MiscFixed
> Which are all bitmap fonts (/usr/share/fonts/bitmap-fonts/).
> Xfs is running, and aimed at good directories with fonts.cache-1 and font.dirs 
> and has no errors in syslog.
> /etc/gnome/fonts/fontmap2 also is aimed at real fonts.
> Of course I already tried removing all config files in ~, but that did not
> help...
> Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Greg M. Kurtzer

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