Gnome development thinking!

Hi gnomes!

For 2+ years I've been using Linux and for 1 year I've been using
Gnome. It is, in my opinion, the best Desktop offered. I like the tight
guidelines for Gnome apps, the clean and still beautiful interface, and
I think that it will be the preferred desktop for most computer-users in
the future.
However, there's something I don't understand.
(Sorry for my english, I'm from Denmark)

Why is the development-process so (relatively) hard to join? I shouldn't
contact you to say that I want to help out. It should be an obvious

Imagine a GUI application. This program allows you to join development
groups (workgroups) in which you are skilled, and presents some possible
tasks. If you take the task, it disapears from the list, and when you
are finished it shows up again for the other people in your workgroup to
comment on your work.

I'll try to make an example:
I have a panel-applet that I can click on and then a list with "danish
translation"-tasks appears, because I earlier had chosen that as one of
my skills. If I have the time, I will take a task, and make the
translation-file (or whatever a translation is about). Then I would
click the done-button, and now all the other people who also have chosen
danish translation as one of their skills could comment on my
translation. Then after they all have accepted it, or a time has gone,
it is marked as ready.

Make this applet a default thing in a Gnome-desktop, and you suddenly
have 1000 more developers, better translations, and a more user-friendly

What do you think? Would this be usefull?

Henrik Brink

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