Re: How to launch user's preferred application for a file

> > gnome_url_show should do what you want (this is defined in libgnome) :)
> > Alternatively, if you are using gnome 2.3, libgnome ships a gnome-open
> > binary which can be useful in scripts
> This is not how I read the documentation for gnome_url_show():
> [...]
> In neither case will I get gnumeric started for a .gnumeric file, at
> least not immediately.   A gnome-open program will solve the problem,
> because it can be set up as a handler for unknown or application urls.
> I have tried out a program that uses gnome_url_show to show a gnumeric
> file or an image, and in both cases I get a nautilus window showing the
> file, not my preferred application as I get when double clicking on the
> file in nautilus.

This should do what you want with libgnome and gnome-vfs 2.3. 
Which version of gnome are you using ?


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