Re: 2.4 dependency graph?

On 8/09/2003 11:16 AM, Robin Cook wrote:

Is there a dependency graph similar to the one for gtkmm/gnomemm or
gnome 2.3?
You can generate one fairly easily using jhbuild (as that one was). You can ask jhbuild to generate a DOT file like so:
   jhbuild dot [modules] >

(If you don't specify any modules, it will graph what ever is listed in your ~/.jhbuildrc. Just like "jhbuild build"). You can then use the "dot" command (part of graphviz: to produce postscript or png or whatever:
   dot -Tps >
   dot -Tpng > dependencies.png

The postscript option is probably the better one, as it can be easily converted to PDF, giving something that can be put up on a website. I found the epstopdf script gave the best results, as it produces a PDF with one big page.


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