Problems with keys getting mapped to alt-key when there is a shortcut for that key.


I am trying to configure a Redhat 8.0 box as a xdmcp login box for a HP
envizex II X-terminal.
The problems i am seeing is that if i use GDM as desktop manager, every
plain key who has a alt-key shortcut to anything, gets automatic mapped
to alt-key. So since my username is kjetilmi, i can write kjet, but then
"i" get mapped to alt-i, which probably is a shortcut for exit. 

When i switch to using XDM the problem is gone.
(then why not just use XDM?)

My problems continues when XDM lets me login and let gnome be the window
manager, because which ever application i use with shortcuts, the same
problem as in gdm arises again. The strange thing is that Ive used my
X-terminal against rh7.3, HPUX, SGI, Solars and never had any problems
like this before.. It seems like it was introduced with the gnome
version in standard redhat 8.0.

Is there anyone with some hints to how to make gnome usable on my
network (except for tossing out my X-terms or tossing out redhat 8.0) ?


PS: I am not a member of this list, so please send the mail directly to

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