Installing panel applets in /usr/local

I'm running Gnome 2.2 on Debian Testing.  GNOME is installed in /usr.

Now, I've built and installed a GNOME applet in /usr/local.  I would
like to configure everything necessary for GNOME to find the applet even
though it isn't installed in /usr.

So far, I've added paths to /etc/oaf/oaf-config.xml,
/etc/bonobo-activation/bonobo-activation-config.xml and
/etc/gconf/2/path.  This has resolved some problems, but some remain:

My panel applet's popup menu is broken.  The menu file
(GNOME_BubblemonApplet.xml) is in "/usr/local/share/gnome-2.0/ui", but
GNOME only looks in "/usr/share/gnome-2.0/ui".  Where do I configure

My panel menu entry has no icon.  The icon is installed in
"/usr/local/share/pixmaps", but GNOME searches only
"/usr/share/pixmaps".  Where do I configure this?

  Regards //Johan

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