Re: Panel Issues

On Fri, 2003-09-26 at 15:28, Loban A Rahman wrote:
> > - Floating panels are no longer supported
> Untrue; Floating panels are supported. Just grab a panel by it's handle
> and drag it anywhere you want. If you bring it close to an edge/corner,
> it will snap in place, otherwise, it will stay wherever you leave it.

I made several attempts to shrink the size of the panel so that it would
float, but couldn't get it to not take up the entire width of the
screen.  Perhaps I missed something.

> - Menu panels with beveled edges are no longer supported
> You can fake this one with a little bit of creativity. :-)

Do tell =)

> The reason for these changes is because there were too many panel types.

I liked all the different panel types =) I think if you created a
plug-in architecture for panels it could be very successful.

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