Re: Panel Issues

I decided to be brave and try upgrading again.  Surprisingly it took
better this time and I had my floating panel.  Loban Rahman gave me a
hint that you could "fake" the menu bevel, so I created a background
with beveled edges, moved the menu over a bit, and it works great.

Only problems I'm having now is that:

A. When I disable desktop_is_home_dir in gconf-editor, it _still_ uses
my desktop, even if I reboot, and even though the setting is definitely
un-clicked.  Is there maybe a custom preference in my .gconf2 or
something I can change?

B. The graphical login keeps crashing - possibly because I had a
different login screen set up (but who knows).  Problem is I can't
disable it or set it to the default because I can't find the 'login
screen' menu option.  Does it exist anymore?


PS: Thanks for all the great tips.

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