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On Fri April 16 2004 08:36, Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett wrote:
> Hello guys.
> Surfing in Freedesktop website I found a pointer to GConf as a interesting
> pointer a shared configuration system for Linux. Writing configuration
> tools for Linux will be a pain & hack until we have a consistent and common
> way to store configuration.
> Searching for more technologies, made me land at  the Linux Registry
> project (, by IBM employee Avi Alkalay.
> I wonder why never heard of it before. 

Because nobody uses it ;-)

It's an interesting concept but I'm a bit worried about the performance. 
Accessing single keys will probably be quite fast, but if you need to read a 
lot of them, then it might become slow (N system calls per entry)

This also assumes that you have a file-system that handles things efficiently. 
Reiser and/or ext3 may be up to the job, but I suspect that ext2 needs to do 
a full seek for every other key that you read, and over NFS I'm afraid you 
will be looking at a lot of roundtrips.

But this is of course all speculation, adapt KConfig to use it [1] and do some 
measurements with real filesystems and real applications to see how good or 
bad it really does. Then we talk further. [3]


[1] It would mostly [2] be a matter of reimplementing 
KConfigBase::lookupData() and KConfigBase::putData()
[2] The other 90% of the work will be to reimplement the other virtual 
functions, such as entryMap() and groupList()
[3] I'm more than happy to assist you with adapting KConfig in the meantime 
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