Some ideas

Hi to everyone.

I know i'm quite new for writting here, but i've found some issues i
would like to share with all the gnome comunity.

1 - Software engineering:

I've looked at gnome web site and i've seen the project schedule and how
does it come true. It's genial that part of the SE is being done, but i
miss design prototipes for almost everything. I've found a packets
diagram for the whole gnome project, but not for every part of the
desktop. For the future (2.10 and beyond) could it be possible to create
the design before create anything? this will be a very great step to
improve GNOME. I know it's difficult and for all the programmers it's
boring, but it's important (i think).
 2 - programming language

 I know C is a very powerfull language, but nowadays, almost every
software is object-oriented. I think it could be genial to agree one
"official" programming language, this language must be object oriented.
I know C# is proposed by a very big group, also Java. My opinion: C#
because mono is a very ambitious project, but i'm open for the final

3 - Developping environment

The best IDE i know for gnome is Anjuta. But it is thousands light-years
from Kdevelop, DevStudio or even Eclipse. We NEED a powerfull CASE tool,
not only for write easily our source code, just for help the programmers
to make the design of the application, look the help docs and write the
programmers documentation easily.

4 - Write my library and tons of examples

I've used GNOME libraries for my develops, i can say they are
documented, but only the api, not the library. I've found tons of
problems that anyone more had had, but no examples where joined to the
library distribution. "See the sources" is one of the most phrase we
have heard, but no comments are found in the code. 

5 - My app is better than yours

The most power of the open source philosophy is that if i see something
i dislike, i can change it or even, make it by myself. In this case,
i've seen some projects that begin with the exactly same goal, each one
with its own way, but they are give up. for example libgtkhtml, there is
currently versions 2 and 3, i don't know why. please we must join us to
improve our products not to make more products.

6 - this desktop is easier than mine!!

GNOME is great, i like it, but in my first time with it i missed one
thing: an application to control EVERY part of my computer: user
administartion, partitions, net configuration, sound, USB devices,
webcams, servers, scheduled jobs ... GST is a good effort to supply this
lack. And i think it could be more important to improve this than insert
new projects into gnome-desktop. (Kontrol-center is a very good tool)

7 - a little precipice

I mean with this that it could be possibly to stop everything we are
developping, and with the ideas i've proposed, begin from 0. Study the
architecture of the desktop and design it again (enlightenment have done
it), and, using the new language (C#, Java, C++, Python... but not C)
implement the whole system: CORBA wrappers,  GTK+, GNOMEUI, GNOMEPrint,
Bonobo (but now multihost), gnome-panel, gnome-vfs and nautilus (or a
new gnome-file). (this is my proposal, if you don't like it i'm sorry,
but we are free to express ourselves).

Well and for ending this mail, i'm SORRY a lot for my english, i hope
the next mail will be better. These are my ideas, i don't know if anyone
more agrees with me, but i only want to be read and i like someone to
bring this ideas to software.

Thanks to read up to here.

Juega con, lotería inteligente y multiplica tus

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