Re: connections:/// vfs

I see, so you would advise me doing something like a control panel for
unifying this connection types. And yes, i was induced to do it in this
way because of applications:/// and followed the way it worked.

It was fun to play with gnome-vfs nonetheless ;)

On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 07:00, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-08-10 at 19:22, Tiago Cogumbreiro wrote:
> > Hello there list,
> > 
> > I am the main developer of a new project called GNOME PPX
> > ( It's a framework to
> > develop pppd dialers, we currently have a PPPoE, a PPPoA and a PPTP
> > dialers. It's a very young project but there are already some issues
> > about how it could be better integrated with the GNOME DE. I was
> > wondering if you guys think it is a good idea for me to write a new
> > gnome-vfs protocol uri, namely connections:///
> Gnome-vfs is not generally used for "showing lists of stuff", so I don't
> think this is a good idea. Gnome-vfs is for loading/saving users files,
> and you wouldn't be saving your documents in connections:///, nor would
> you go there to look for it. In fact, if it ever showed up in your file
> selector it would be pretty confusing.
> Historically we've been using vfs for some forms of listing (fonts://,
> applications://), and other people have followed this (themes://, etc).
> However, this is a really bad idea. Showing such lists in nautilus is a
> horrible interface because nautilus just thinks they are normal files so
> you have to do strange hacks to make it do something you want, and we
> don't have any way to access these lists except typing magic
> non-translatable strings in the location bar. So, we are very much
> trying to move away from this.
> > This would be the uri for all connection types, PPP, PPPoE, PPPoA and
> > even Ethernet connections. Currently it would work as preferences
> > caplets, each icon would run a program.
> > 
> > The initial motivation is that if this project continues to support more
> > connection types then the applications menu will be populated with lots
> > of entries, this way we could unify it in a single place.
> It should be unified by unifying the capplets into one capplet, not by
> pretending that PPP connections are a collection of files.
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