Re: How to make GDK Top level window to come above GNOME Panel

On 26/08/04 20:52, Harsha Kodnad wrote:

I have a GTK/GNOME application. I want my top level GDK Window to come full screen. If I use gdk_window_fullscreen () function it removes title bar and borders. how can I make it to come full screen with title bar and borders? If I create window with width and height as screen resolution returned by gdk_screen_width and gdk_screen_height it comes full screen with border and title bar but my window goes behind GNOME panel, and second problem is since width of client area will become full screen width; little bit right, bottom part of window goes out of screen.
    Any solutions for this ?

I'd suggest you read the API docs for GtkWindow (the top level window widget):

It sounds like you are trying to maximise your window, in which case gtk_window_maximize() would be the call you want. You should use this function instead of just changing the window size, since it lets the window manager restore your window to its previous size smartly (if you just set the window to a large size manually, how does the window manager know what the normal window size is?).


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