Re: ORBit2.8.3 thread problem


Could you tell me how ?  Or where should I looking for the answer ?

Kuang-Chun Cheng
kccheng openate com

Colin Walters wrote:

On Fri, 2004-08-27 at 11:08 +0800, Kuang-Chun Cheng wrote:

I run the EchoString example by calling EchoString inside a thread.
It works OK if I always call CORBA related command inside thread.
However, if I enable thread and call EchoString or any CORBA related
command from main thread ... after 4096 calls, the CORBA command
will just hang there.

Where is the 4096 limitation comes from ?

That's the trial limit; you need to send a request to your object broker
to purchase more messages.

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