[gnome-panel] Dropping files on panel launcher doesn't work as expected

Hi together,

I am not so sure if I am on the right maillist, please apologise if not.

I recently noticed that gnome-panel does not behave as I expected it,
when dropping files from nautilus on an application launcher. 
At the moment (got Gnome 2.6.2) the application starts, but without 
recognising the dropped files. What I would expect is:
exec <program> "$@"

That's the way it works with Desktop launchers and I think that's definitly 
the way it should work with panel launchers. Additionally it is very confusing
if you drop files on an launcher, the launcher starts, but ignore your files.

Just wanted a comment on this before I file a bug.
(never have done this before ...)

Best Regards,


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