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On Sat, 2004-01-10 at 07:46, Pedro M. wrote:
> I suggest create an upgrade version for Gnome 3D environment ( based
> in VRML ).
> You can see

Nice, but...good lord, surely not in public.  Why?  What research do you
have that shows moving in a 3D interface is more efficient, and easier
to organize and understand?  Honestly, in fantasy and SF, instant
transportation is the powerful concept, and provides the most utility.

Even in our 2D interface, users have difficulty navigating a folder
hierarchy.  Imagine the user nightmare of being lost in a 3D building
that represents their data.  I don't think so.  Users will demand a
portal back to home because they are lost, just like in the 2D

Users just want their to come to them.  In the case of of when the user
has several workspaces/sessions to organize his projects, he need a
means to "zoom" out to see the big picture, and select their focus.

PS. Your work is very nice.

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