Re: Suggestion for file type detection approach

> We can alter some of the gnome-vfs modules to update the gnome-metadata
> db during write options.  The file manager can have direct access to the
> db add additional data to files.  All GNOME metadata would be synced to
> the file-system.  An indexer is needed to watch a few directories that
> are likely to change (Desktop, Documents, etc..) to catch changes made
> by non-GNOME apps.  This same indexer will need to crawl the filesystem
> intermittently to locate changes made by non-GNOME apps outside of the
> watch directories.  The gnome-metadata db would be filesystem agnostic.

That would be cool. Assuming that medusa has incremental updates
implemented in time. :)

There could be also an API allowing applications to set the MIME type
inside Medusa, so they could use this when saving files, and Nautilus
could allow users change the MIME type of particular files (eg. bad
sniffing results). 

I imagine that this would be fun stuff:

When reading a directory (assuming FORCE_FAST_MIME_TYPE is disabled),
gnome-vfs could scan it and then query Medusa to get mime types. If
there are any files that are still unknown to Medusa, gnomme-vfs would
sniff the MIME type and insert into that database automatically. Hmm. 

Dead sexy. Would this be possible?

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