[switchdesk] Installing new window manager

Howdy --
Redhat/Redora question for you'll:

How do I add a news widnows manager to switchdesk.
I've got it to appear under sessions at log in, but not the desktop-switcher
in Gnome it self.


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Subject: Re: [TIP] Installing new window manager
From:    "Matt H." <helios82 optushome com au>
Date:    Fri, January 16, 2004 6:47 pm
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On Fri, 16 Jan 2004 13:09:43 -0800, David Jackson wrote:

> OK,
> NOTE: This was hinted at a couple of days ago about "Fluxbox" install.
> I wanted to install IceWM. It proved even simpler than I thought:
> 0. $ su -
> 1. Download lastest icewm + icewm-gnome-menu (rpm).
> 2. rpm -i icewm-*.rpm
> 3. cd /etc/X11/Sessions/dm
> 4  cp gnome.desktop icewm.desktop
> 5. vi icewm.desksop
> [esc]: (to get command prompt
> 6. Go to bottom of screen and change Exec = /usr/bin/icewm
> 7. [esc]:wq; exit and logout of gnome and re-login
> At this point should see ICEWM as a "sessions" options
> David

Hi David

Out of interest, I installed icewm as per your instructions and everything
worked fine including adding the gdm Sessions entry. Except there is no
entry within deskswitch for ICEWM. Should the installation have added an
entry for it, or must I manually add it; and if so how?

Thank you

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