Re: new mime detection approach

Le mer 21/01/2004 à 11:02, Alexander Larsson a écrit :
> If metadata writes fails (say on a cdrom) you can't use the metadata, so
> you'd have to fall back to some other means. (And there won't be any
> metadata already on the cdrom.)

Store metadata along thumbnailed icons, somewhere in $HOME ?
You other concerns are still painstakingly valid, though.

Maybe the solution is just to ask for another block allocation scheme in
ext3/reiserfs, where 1st block of each file are grouped per-directory ?
Doesn't break anything, fully back-and-forward compatible, works with
all file-utilities, no locking matter, and waay more sniffing-friendly.
And given a clever readahead setting, as fast as any metadata-in-a file

Talk is cheap :)


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