Uncertainty about pkg-config

For a while now I've been building packages from Gnome CVS. I admit to being rather new to the environment.

I'm not certain what the appropriate version information in the naming for the .pc files in ../pkgconfig is supposed to be. Specifically, is gnome-foo 2.6 supposed to install a gnome-foo.2.6.pc or gnome-foo-2.0.pc? In the various packages I've retrieved from CVS I've seen both cases; and at the moment, the one I'm working on (which happens to be gconfmm) generates -2.6.pc during compilation, but the RPM spec file it also generates wants to install -2.0; so it fails. I can fix it either way, by renaming the -pc.in files and editing configure.in or changing the RPM spec file; but I'm just not sure which way is the proper one.

Several packages have failed to build because PKG_CHECK_MODULES was expecting one thing and the installed .pc file was named differently, even though the actual version of the packaged specified as required was at or greater than the requirement. So far I've just hacked configure.in to get it to work, knowing the requirements were actually being met; but now I'm not sure if I've been corrupting the concept.

Some elucidation would be much appreciated!

Ray Simard

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