Re: [Usability] Keyboard layout preview in, gnome-control-center

A text description would help -- e.g. the "US International" layout is
the same as the US one except that " ' and ` become accent keys.
Well, it is not exactly up to gnome - all this data comes from X server. Sure, we can submit patches to xorg and xfree - but we cannot count on them in foreseeble future. Also, lengthy textual description sometimes is more confusing than just a glance onto the image.

You could use openGL and provide a perspective view :-)
Cool! I will work on it one gtkgl makes its way into the gnome libs:)

Also compare jwz's xkeycaps program.
AFAIK xkeycaps does not use xkb geometry, does it? The "beauty" of our image is mostly limited by that info.

Use of colour and shading, using the user's chosen theme colours
and fonts and sizes, maybe with a "test" mode where people can
work out which key on their keyboard corresponds to which key in
the X server's twisted brain, so needing a visual highlight and
perhaps a text input box.  Integrating VOK might be interesting.
True, "test mode" is another solution to a problem. But it is actually not far from the solution of my friend - just open the text editor and press evey key twice (to say the truth, I see no difference other than ability to test safely special keys by grabbing the entire keyboard input). IMHO this solution is less usable.

(Sun's OpenWindows used to have one in which each key was actually a
toolkit button, and you could keep it visible to provide input
to other windows, although there were confusing focus problems.
It was especially interesting with just the function keys visible,
as you could "program" them independently of the application)
By any chance, don't you remember the name of the app? Just to have a look, you know.

So, summing things up, the only viable solution so far is to use GtkExtender, putting it under the notebook. Are there other viable solutions?

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