[libgtop] mountlist behaviour

hello, i'm the new libgtop maintainer. I'm currently checking and
cleaning libgtop. I often have to implement features that have been
announced for a while but not/partially implemented.

e.g glibtop_mountlist(int all_fs) returns a list of mounted
points. if @all_fs is 0/FALSE, then some points have to be excluded.

"The `all_fs' parameter specifies whether information about all
filesystems should be returned; this will include filesystem types
like `autofs' and `procfs'. You should not use this in disk usage programs, but it can be useful to get a list of all currently mounted

ignored[] = {

According to the previous definition, you may know/use filesystem (whatever your system is, Linux, *BSD, Solaris, etc) that should be added to this ignore list. Thank you.


Beno�Dejean - TazForEver dlfp org
JID: TazForEver jabber org

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