launching manual from application problem


The Pybliographer manual shown by yelp is OK under gnome 2.4. Now I have
checked it under Gnome 2.6 and there is a problem with it:
Clicking on the Help -> Contents menu of the application, yelp starts but
gives me an error dialog:
'The selected page could not be found in this document'; it
doesn't show the 'Contents' page automatically. When I click on Contents
at the left side of yelp, it comes up.
Starting yelp directly from Gnome menu and choosing pybliographer from
there is OK.
Starting yelp from command line with yelp ghelp:... is ok as well.
What is the problem?
Was there any changes from gnome 2.4 to 2.6 which influences how to launch
the manual from the application? It is written in python using pygtk and

This is the related part of the source:

def on_documentation (self, *args):
        import gobject
            gnome.help_display ('pybliographer', '')

        except gobject.GError, msg:
            self.w.error (_("Can't display documentation:\n%s") % msg)



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