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On 16/03/2004 1:15 PM, Alex Roitman wrote:

Hi there,

I have posted this question to gnome-print-list and got no answer. I am
hoping to get some help here, since gnome-print-list seems unusually
quiet for an active list. Sorry if this was not a good idea :-)

I have a question about setting the page size for the job. I would like
to set the paper size to one of the following:
   Letter, Legal, A0-A5, B0-B6, B, C, D, or E.

The trick is that I need to set the page size _before_ the job is laid
out and the gnome-print dialog appears.

My problem is this: when I set up gnome-print config from default, I
can only choose from the handful of sizes (Letter, Legal, Executive,
A4, Monarch Envelope). No A0-A3, A5, B0-B6, etc. It seems that this is
because my CUPS printing system only supports that handful of sizes.

Is there a way to initialize config to the Postscript backend so that
more paper sizes are available to set in config?
Install the correct PPD file for your printer? Unless I am mistaken, CUPS generates the media-supported list from values in the PPD file. If the print driver says that a queue only supports a certain collection of sizes, why would you generate documents of a different size?

If you have the manufacturer's PPD file, you can load it with the command "lpadmin -p printqueue -P ppdfile". You can then customise the defaults using the CUPS web interface.


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