Re: Scaffold

On Fri, 2004-03-26 at 09:43, Colin JN Breame wrote:
> In a month and a half, I finish my 3 year compsci degree and it looks
> like I'm going to have a nice long summer.
> Is scaffold still being developed?  Is there a website (or wiki)?  How
> could I get involved?  Who else is involved?

Well I'm somewhat involved though I have been busy with my move to Red
Hat and finishing up projects at my current job.  That is happening next
week and after that I can assess how much time I have to work on
Scaffold as it will not be part of my official duties.  Currently where
it stands there is a rewrite of the internal plugin architecture in
progress.  Not sure if we have been moving ahead on that but once the
design is solidified I am more than happy to hack on that so I can move
foreword with my own plugins.  I am out of the loop right now so things
might have been happening behind the scenes.

> I have the sources but they won't compile on my system (gdl - problem
> with GTK_COMBO and the symbol browser)

Hmm, I haven't compiled it lately.  I could check it out after I move. 
Do you have the latest GTK (2.4)?  And what distro are you building on?


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