how to access command line arguments?


how can I get access to the non-option command line arguments
of a GNOME program?  During initialisation I use

    GnomeProgram *my_app;
    poptContext  pctx;

    my_app = gnome_program_init (PACKAGE, VERSION, LIBGNOMEUI_MODULE,
                                 argc, argv,
                                 GNOME_PARAM_POPT_TABLE, options,
                                 GNOME_PARAM_POPT_CONTEXT, &pctx,

    args = poptGetArgs (pctx);

But the last command fails with the error message, that pctx is not
writable.  The message is

  (process:5820): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: gobject.c:671: property `popt-context' of object class `GnomeProgram' is not writable

This confuses me, because I only try to READ the list of command
line arguments.

Is there any documentation about the popt stuff, which I could read?
What am I doing wrong?


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