Re: Spatial nautilus - fantastic - but what about the rest?

El jue, 13-05-2004 a las 06:20, Martin Ebourne escribió:

> However, the spatial nautilus leaves a gaping hole: file management is now
> more intuitive up until the point you want to start editing files. Then it's
> 'File open', 'File save', and straight back into the old browser
> model. I can understand why so many people are complaining about the spatial
> nautilus - we've now got two different file management concepts on the
> desktop, and they don't mix well at all.

A solution that on ideal conditions would work amazingly well, is to
have the FileOpen command open a new Nautilus window.  That's about as
easy as it gets.  The problem is that the MIME associations have to be
perfectly well or this wouldn't work.

> Currently the only way to save a file to a new location is through the 'Save
> as' browser. The good thing about going spatial with this is that it not
> only fits in with nautilus better but also dramatically simplifies the user
> interface. All we need to do is replace all of the browser furniture with a
> single icon; to save the file the user just drags the icon to where they want
> it. This completely models nautilus where when you drag a file from one
> window to another it moves/copies it.

Except for keyboard people.

> I've mocked up a couple of save windows for an imaginary text editor, just as
> an example. This one is the most basic save - the application only saves
> files of one type. All you need to enter is the leaf name of the file, and
> then drag the icon to where you want to place the file.
> This one has an extra option whereby you can control the type of the file
> saved:
> For a given task people tend to work in a particular directory and it is so
> much easier and faster to drag the file to the probably already open
> nautilus window than keep browsing to the same directory in each application
> you want to save in.
> Comments on this would be appreciated, and if people like it then I guess
> discussing implementation is next. And just for the record, this concept
> has been implemented before with a spatial browser and it really does work.

I do not doubt it, but I'd like to see examples of this =)

> Cheers,
> Martin.
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